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HMA IC-060

The new modular stainless steel suspension arm system

With the load-bearing capacity and variability of the HMA IC-060, we are setting new standards in the stainless steel suspension arm system segment. The innovative modular system was specially developed for demanding applications in pharmaceutical and food packaging, beverage filling, and the chemical industry. All components are made of material 1.4301.

Load capacities of up to 60 kilograms allow the installation of commercially available panel PCs. Another key feature of the system is the generous cable aperture of 45 x 45 mm. This makes wiring the machine control system a finger exercise. 

As of today, you get the proven AMTRION quality and variability also for machines in demanding production environments.

The right configuration for every application

The special feature of the HMA IC-060 is the unique modular design of the system. This variety of mounting and expansion options for a stainless steel system can only be found at AMTRION. 

The system can be configured for wall or top mounting. As a simple version without intermediate joint you can achieve the highest loads up to 60 Nm. The version with only one arm is available in lengths of 250 mm, 500 mm, 750 mm and 1,000 mm. By adding an intermediate joint, a free combination of tube lengths is possible up to doubling the system length. For physical reasons, however, this reduces the load-bearing capacity of the overall system. Please refer to the following graphic.


Cable duct

45 x 45 mm

Load capacity up to

60 kg

Range up to

2.000 mm


Large ranges possible

Due to the modular design of the system, a total range of up to 2 meters can be achieved. For this, the configuration with an intermediate joint is necessary. The horizontal arms are offered in lengths of 250 mm, 500 mm, 750 mm and 1,000 mm. Despite the long reach of the version with intermediate joint, it does not get in the way. If necessary, the arm can be folded to save space and swung out of the work area or walkways.


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Space-saving despite high range

The configuration option with an intermediate joint allows the system to be equipped with a reach of up to 2,000 millimeters. The increased radius of action allows the machine control to be swung in and out of the work area. If access to the control panel is not required, the system can also be folded in to save space thanks to the intermediate joint. If the extension arm and suspension arm are configured with different lengths, the arm can be positioned completely below the extension arm.


Generous cable aperture

Load capacity and variability are important criteria when selecting a suitable suspension arm system. However, if the supply of your machine control cannot be guaranteed due to insufficient cable passage, the first-mentioned factors take a back seat. For this reason, we have taken care with the HMA IC-060 to ensure that there is sufficient space for the cabling of your machine control system. The cross-section is 45 x 45 mm - this means that you can theoretically run up to 6 HDMI cables (plug width 20 mm) in parallel through our stainless steel suspension arm system.


With the HMA IC-060, we are particularly proud to offer the usual AMTRION quality and modularity in stainless steel. We are closing a performance gap here and can now also serve industries that specify stainless steel as a material in their machine guidelines.

Volker Hartmann | Key Account Manager

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Technical Data

Use Case Attachment of
panel PC & machine control in pharmaceutical & food packaging, beverage filling and chemical industries.
Material Stainless steel 1.4301
Arm length horizontal 250 mm, 500 mm, 750 mm, 1.000 mm
Round tube length vertical 125 mm, 250 mm, 500 mm
Payload at the head bearing max. 60 kg / 600 Nm
Swivel Range Wall joint 180°
Intermediate und Set up joint 330°
Horizontal limiter Adjustable in 30° increments
Protection class IP 54
Surface grinded K320 or brushed
Packing Cardboard box

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