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Monitor Carrier HMA MC

Monitor sizes 1x 19" – 1x 60"

  • Intégration complète dans les système de suspension HMA I-080, HMA I-130 et HMA I-225

  • max. swivel range 330°

  • swivel range of the system can be variably adjusted

  • circumferential handle enables optimum positioning of the complete system within the room

  • control panel for brake push button (turning / lateral adustment of system

  • distance tube for balancing different room heights

  • Interface standardisée VESA 100


Monitor Carrier HMA MC
Tailles de moniteur

1x 19" – 1x 60"

Dimensions extérieures 1x19"

565 x 555 mm (BxH)

Dimensions extérieures 1x60"

1400 x 930 mm (BxH)