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Spring arm 5

The new suspension arm system for examination lights

With the range and reliability of the spring arm 5, we are setting new standards in the lightweight entry-level class for height-adjustable suspension arms for medical examination lights. Whether mounted on the ceiling, the wall or on a trolley , the spring arm 5 delivers exceptional innovations. In addition to examination lights, the arm can also accommodate monitors and cameras. You benefit from a cost-optimized design and packaging concept. 


The right spring arm for every application

From market launch, the spring arm 5 will be available with a wall or ceiling connection. A trolley version with inverted spigot is also available. We also offer the matching trolley (more details below). If the ceiling height at the installation site is problematic, the ceiling connection can be extended using spacers. This allows unrestricted use of the spring arm even in older existing buildings with high ceilings. 

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Payload up to

50 Nm

Vertical move

+20° to -50°

Range up to  

1.520 mm


Spring arm 5

Lightweight redefined

Experience the spring arm 5 in the video. 


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Plug & Play + Easy to Clean

Nothing should stand in the way of the rapid commissioning of a new examination room. Thanks to a 3-pole slip ring, the examination light can be installed directly after mounting the arm - without the need for time-consuming soldering. Another advantage in everyday clinical practice is the internal cabling. Simply wiping down the surfaces without having to worry about the electrics makes daily cleaning child's play.


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Large range directly ex works

For more flexibility in daily use, the standard version of the spring arm 5 comes directly to you with a horizontal arm. The operating radius of your examination lights is therefore an incredible 1,520 mm. In combination with the high load range of 10 to 50 Nm, it is ideally equipped for use in examination rooms in hospitals, outpatient clinics and medical practices.


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Make the spring arm 5 your product

As a product in the SKYDOQ® series, the spring arm 5 also offers you the opportunity to place your own corporate design on the arm. You can discreetly add a logo or a colored sticker to the circular area on the distinctive cover on the joint of the spring arm. This ensures that your brand is always visible to medical staff.


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Innovative trolley for the spring arm 5

For even greater mobility, we have transferred the slim design of the spring arm 5 to a trolley stand. The flat stand plate enables positioning close to the patient and the optional battery pack further increases mobility and autonomy. Many well thought-out details make this mobile stand an ideal addition to your examination light. 


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Compact and dismountable

As a special advantage, the trolley stand can be dismantled and can therefore be sent as a package at low cost. The fully equipped trolley with spring arm, power supply unit and battery is supplied in three boxes and can therefore be conveniently shipped individually. Cost-intensive freight forwarding is a thing of the past and scarce pallet space in the warehouse or on the truck can be optimally utilized. 


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During development, we paid particular attention to a cost-optimized packaging concept. 30 standard versions of the spring arm 5 can be supplied on one single Euro pallet.

Jürgen Roth | CEO AMTRION

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Brochure Spring arm 5

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Technical Data

Use Case Mounting of
Examination lights, displays and cameras
in clinics, outpatient departments and medical practices
Material Steel tube
Variants Standard version
Trolley version - Pivot rotated 180°
Length spring arm 720 mm
Length horizontal arm 800 mm
Payload 10 - 50 Nm
Electric 3 pole slip ring
Horizontal limiter Optional for trolley version
Weight adjustment Ingetrated
Color RAL 9010 powder coated
Packing Cardboard box
Quantity per europalett 30 standard versions

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